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Invisalign – Tucker, GA

Clearing the Way to
a Straighter Smile

When you hear the term “clear aligners,” chances are that Invisalign is one of the first names you think of. In the past several years, orthodontists across the country have been using it to create beautiful, straight smiles without metal braces. Call Duo Orthodontics today to set up a consultation, so we can discuss whether Invisalign from our Tucker, GA orthodonitst the best option for you.

Woman placing an Invisalign tray

Why Choose Duo Ortho
for Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment kit

Invisalign aligners from our Marietta orthodontist are made using 3D computer imaging. Once we have a digital model of your teeth, we can design a series of aligners. Clear aligners are often considered a more convenient alternative to traditional braces for those who only need to make mild to moderate corrections. They’re made out of a special transparent plastic so that you can wear them to work or school without other people realizing it.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Woman placing an Invisalign tray

The aesthetic advantages of clear aligners over braces are one of the primary reasons to choose Invisalign. Also, because they are removable, you are able to eat and drink whatever you want – there are no restrictions on crunchy or sticky foods that would damage traditional braces. And, thanks to the technology used to design Invisalign aligners, you will be given a virtual preview of what your smile will look like at the end of the treatment. 

How Does It Work?

Animated smile fitted with Invisalign tray

After you have received your series of aligners, you’ll wear each set for about two weeks at a time. They should stay in your mouth for 20 to 22 hours each day, and you should only remove them to eat, drink, brush, and floss. You will visit Duo Orthodontics periodically so that we can make sure that your teeth and jaws are making the proper movements. The total treatment time is usually between one year and 18 months.

Taking Care of Invisalign

Hand holding an Invisalign tray

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign

young man holding an Invisalign aligner

Even if you’ve been wanting to straighten your smile with Invisalign for quite some time, you might feel intimidated by the potential price tag attached to the treatment. Our team at Duo Ortho understands this, which is why we’ll walk you through all the financial information you need to know before we begin the process. We’ll also discuss the unique factors that affect the cost of Invisalign in Tucker, as well as our financing options.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Invisalign

dentist showing Invisalign to a patient

Because every patient has a unique smile, each treatment must be fully customized to meet their specific needs. As a result, the odds are extremely low that you’ll pay the exact same amount for your Invisalign treatment as another patient does. Multiple variables can influence the price of Invisalign, such as:

  • The severity of your orthodontic issues – Naturally, it will take longer to straighten a few slightly misaligned teeth than an entire mouthful of severely crooked teeth. The more your teeth have to move, the more aligners you’ll need to pay for, leading to higher treatment costs.
  • Whether you’re straightening one arch or two – Most patients need to wear aligners on both their upper and lower arches, but some only need to straighten one arch. These patients can expect their Invisalign treatment to cost less.
  • Your compliance with treatment guidelines – Failing to wear the aligners as often as instructed or skipping out on your regular progress visits could prolong your treatment and increase your total costs.

Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club™: Which Costs More?

several clear aligners against a red background

If you’re just looking for a cheap, quick fix for a few slightly crooked teeth, then you might be tempted to try Smile Direct Club™ and other “do-it-yourself” clear aligner systems. Although these options are more affordable at first, they’re not entirely risk-free. Your treatment might initially be planned by a dental professional, but you’ll be responsible for taking impressions of your teeth and wearing the aligners correctly. Far too many people have made tiny mistakes in this process that have caused their teeth to shift in unfavorable ways that had to get fixed by a dentist or orthodontist anyway.

To avoid such risks, it’s best to choose professional Invisalign treatment from the start. Our team creates ultraprecise aligners and minors your progress every step of the way, ensuring the whole experience is safe, comfortable, and effective. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes from a successful treatment!

Does Dental Insurance Cover Invisalign?

dental insurance form on a clipboard

It varies based on your specific policy. Some dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage that often comes out to about 50%, but this may come with caveats. For example, many plans exclude coverage for clear aligners, and some plans only cover orthodontics for patients under the age of 18. At Duo Ortho, we’re in-network with a variety of PPO dental insurance plans, and we’ll make sure you’re getting all of the benefits available to you. We can even handle the claims filing process on your behalf to make everything easier!

Options for Making Invisalign Affordable

dentist holding two Invisalign trays in shape of heart

We believe that attaining a straight, healthy smile should fit into everyone’s budget, and that’s why we have non-insurance methods of making Invisalign affordable. For example, we’re currently running a special offer for a FREE Invisalign consultation! Additionally, we’re happy to provide in-house financing that allows patients to break up their treatment costs into manageable monthly payment plans with little to no interest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Aligners

Woman smiling and pointing to an Invisalign clear aligner

Compared to other more traditional orthodontic treatments, you may not be as familiar with Invisalign and our own clear Duo aligners. As a result, you may have questions about this advanced treatment and how it could benefit you. We’re here to help guide you to the right solution! Below we’ve answered some of the most common questions that our patients have asked us in the past, and we hope our responses here help you decide to give us a call. If you have concerns that aren’t addressed here, feel free to contact our orthodontic office and schedule a consultation.

Can I Play Sports with Invisalign?

It depends on the sport and the risk to your smile. Unlike mouthguards, clear aligners are not very durable and can easily break upon impact. For non-contact sports, such as soccer or tennis, the aligners can be worn during practices and games without interrupting your treatment because the risk of facial trauma is fairly low. On the other hand, for activities or sports that may include contact or a hit to the face like football, hockey, skateboarding, or wrestling, we strongly recommend removing the aligners and wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth. However, should an accident happen, and your Duo aligners break, be sure to reach out to us, and we can fabricate a new as soon as possible.

What Do I Do If I Lose an Aligner?

While dealing with clear plastic aligners (e.g., taking them out to eat), you may misplace or lose one during treatment. If this occurs, call our orthodontic office right away. Delays in getting your replacement aligners will likely lengthen your treatment time or allow your teeth to regress. We can quickly supply another aligner to keep you on track. Just be sure to use your aligner case when they aren’t in your mouth so that you don’t lose one again!

Does Dental Insurance Cover Clear Aligners?

In some cases, yes. Most dental insurance policies include orthodontic care, but not all cover treatment with clear aligners. During your free consultation, we can take a look at your plan and see if we can save you on your out-of-pocket costs through your insurance and answer questions you may have about your coverage. We’ll do everything we can to make treatment as affordable as possible. Keep in mind that, even if insurance doesn’t reduce your bill, we may have special offers available!

Am I a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Invisalign and our Duo clear aligners can be used for most mild to moderate alignment issues. Even if your bite needs to be corrected, which typically entails more advanced shifting, clear aligners may be available to help you achieve the smile you want. The best and only way to know for sure whether clear aligners could be the right solution is to come into our orthodontic office for a consultation, so schedule yours today!

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