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Duo Aligners – Tucker, GA

Our Unique Answer to Your Orthodontic Concerns

There is little wonder why so many adult patients prefer clear aligners over traditional metal braces. Duo Orthodontics offers its own brand of clear aligners – Duo Aligners – that is designed and manufactured entirely in-house. Duo Aligners from our Tucker, GA orthodontist are proven to deliver better results in less time while costing significantly less compared to the major brands you likely know about. Call us today to learn more about the process and set up a consultation to discuss orthdontic treatment with Duo Aligners in Marietta or Tucker.

Duo aligners kit

Why Choose Duo Ortho for Duo Aligners?

What are Duo Aligners?

Set of Duo aligners in package

Like other clear aligners, Duo Aligners are made out of a clear plastic. They’re used to straighten the teeth and adjust the alignment of the bite without the need for brackets and wires. Because Duo Aligners are manufactured in-house, you don’t have to worry about waiting to hear back from a separate laboratory to begin the treatment. You can also be sure that your aligners will be 100% designed by an orthodontic specialist fellowship trained in clear aligner therapy, not an algorithm or lab technician.

How Do They Work?

Two packages of Duo aligners

We’ll create a set of aligners for you based on impressions of your mouth. You’ll wear each aligner for a given amount of time – usually around two weeks each. It’s important to keep them in your mouth for around 20 to 22 hours every day to make the requisite changes. When the time comes to eat or brush your teeth, you can simply take the aligners out and store them in a secure container until you’re ready to put them back in again.

What are the Benefits?

Group of friends smiling and enjoying the benefits of treatment with Duo aligners

Hybrid Treatments 

Woman holding Duo Aligner and model smile with metal braces

As convenient as clear aligners often are, sometimes they are not enough on their own. Hybrid orthodontic treatments combine clear aligners with traditional braces to address more complicated concerns. Clear aligners will generally be the primary form of treatment, but there will be short periods where you need braces. This helps speed up the orthodontic process quite a bit and can also address malocclusions that are beyond the scope of aligners.

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