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Can I Get Traditional Braces for Only One Arch?

August 15, 2022

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a person with traditional braces from an orthodontist in Marietta

Are you unhappy with the position of only one arch of teeth? If so, you might be wondering if you’ll have to get traditional braces for both your top and bottom pearly whites. However, correcting your teeth may not be as straightforward as you think, as your orthodontist in Marietta will want to achieve a comprehensive improvement for your smile. Fortunately, there may be other treatments that can address your specific dental needs. Read on to learn why braces for single arches aren’t common and alternative options to consider!

What to Expect from Straightening Single Arches

While correcting one arch with traditional braces may seem like the only necessary treatment, it can come with certain complications. Whether you straighten the top or bottom teeth, the result might not properly line up with the opposite side. This can cause issues with your bite pattern, which is one of the main reasons to correct your teeth. Not only will this allow you to eat more comfortably and show off a more confident smile, but it will also improve your dental health and prevent other oral problems, like jaw pain and wearing down your enamel. By addressing only one arch, you may end up at risk of these issues later on.

Why Should You Straighten Both Arches?

Getting traditional braces for both sides of your smile allows your orthodontist to provide a more comprehensive procedure for your teeth. It’s important to remember that orthodontic treatment isn’t only meant for esthetic purposes but also to ensure your bite doesn’t become problematic in the future. If you have more severe misalignment issues, then you may need to have your jaw adjusted as well, which may require additional materials like elastic bands. Without metal brackets on both rows of teeth, this process won’t be possible.

Are There Other Treatments That Can Benefit Your Smile?

Although getting traditional braces on one arch of teeth isn’t usually recommended, there are certain cases where you can straighten one side of your smile. For instance, you may only have to address specific pearly whites to achieve your desired results. In these cases, you might consider undergoing a clear aligner treatment like Invisalign. These virtually invisible trays can fit your arch and target unique issues, such as two front teeth that are gapped or slightly misaligned.

To know which treatment plan can best address your situation, you’ll first need to schedule a consultation with your orthodontist. They’ll assess your oral health and determine the right option to help you achieve your dream smile!

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